Exhibitions offer the unique opportunity to share your business with thousands of people, in an environment that allows you engage with them in person. Not only does it give you this opportunity to promote your business at the show, but it’s a great marketing tool to promote your involvement with the show beforehand and shouting about it afterwards. Here are a few ideas to maximise your investment in the show through multiple marketing channels.


Once you’ve booked your stand space it’s a great opportunity to start marketing your attendance of the show. Firstly, you can promote this via your own channels, share the news via social media and make sure you tag the show. They may re-share the announcement on their channels, maximising the reach of the news.

Another way to promote your attendance, is by adding a message in your email footer, remember key details such as the show name, your stand number, the dates of the show and if granted permission by the organisers, their logo too to really make an impression.

Maximise the free marketing opportunities. Most shows will offer you a blurb, you can provide this with your logo on the exhibitors list alongside your stand number to promote it. Ensure that you ask the organisers if this is available and it may be a chance to rewrite your standard copy so that it’s most relevant to the show.

Build Up

Keep sharing your attendance at the show via social media and email to your existing customers/suppliers. An exciting way to do this is to share images of elements of the stand. Here at Inspire Displays we’re more than happy to take a picture of the stand being constructed, we will also share this on our socials - just make sure you tag us!

Another way to build up excitement about the show is think about why you are attending; if you’re launching a product give some teasers of the product/service you’ll be focussing on. If you’re providing giveaways at the show, or refreshments, again give some teasers of what you’ll be handing out – make sure you share your stand number so they can find you.

The day before the show share some sneak peaks of the fully built stand on your social media, again if you want us to take any pictures of this process, we’re more than happy to.

During the show

If you have a social media team, make sure that they’re a part of the show as well as your sales team, and make sure they get lots of pictures. Get a shot of the stand at the start of the show, get a picture of your team on the stand, and then get lots of pictures of your stand with all the potential clients.

Share some pictures on Twitter as often the show organisers will re-share them, again promoting your attendance. If you’re providing giveaways that’s always a draw for other potential clients that are following the show’s updates. They may not have heard about your business so it’s a great way to generate interest. It’s also good to share with your followers and colleagues that you are a part of all the action and to show the fun your team are having.

Post Show

Whilst a top priority is to follow up with leads and existing contacts you spoke with at the show, it’s also a great marketing opportunity to speak about your experience about the show. You could share images of the stand and what your team got up to, maybe as a blog post, a Linked In post to share with your connections, or even create a video you could share across multiple platforms.

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