What Next?

So you have chosen the show, you have set yourself target goals, and you have chosen your stand design. You are now ready to go.

Concentration now lies on the functioning of your stand, this is kept under control by the targets you have set yourself previously, the more specific you can me with these targets the more focussed you will find your sales team on the day. Briefing is key to this part and should be done at the start and each quarter of the day to keep up with the changes and demands of the stand. The people on the stand are after all part of your company image and are your 'salesman' of the day.

Presentation is a key component to holding up your company image, body language should be open and friendly and dress code should be smart and well-kept. Keep focussed on your target audience as they will most likely only be a small portion of the crowd attending, you don't want to spend too much time on those who are not potential leads. And don't forget a smile can take you very far!

Once you have pulled in the sales at the show it is important you leave your prospects with a lingering message, whether this be by business card or by company mementos. As much of an impression you may have made on them, so have another dozen other stands, so it is important you stand out from the rest. Add a bit of 'fun' to their business excursion, entice them into a competition launch and let them take away a piece of your company which they can display on their work desk, a simple reminder to pick up the phone and follow through with what was discussed as a possible opportunity. Ensure you ask for their business card and information so you can follow up with them the following week or as agreed otherwise, this will show them you are keen and willing to help with their enquiry and will help build trust in you as a company for a starting work relationship.

The more information you can obtain from your potential leads on the day, the more data you can work with post-event to help not only convert these leads but to measure the level of success your exhibition was.

You need to be thinking at this stage not only of the sales you have generated this day but also the leads you can generate from future exhibitions. Be sure to arrange for a stand photo to be taken on the day (it can make all the difference); use social media to promote your stand, make visitors aware of where you are stationed, after all some halls are vast in size and not all visitors will be able to get round to every stand exhibiting that day. Twitter is a big stepping stone and can be a huge success when linking in the venue/show to capture prospects attention.

Put the effort in during the show and reap in the rewards after


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