Where to start?

Step 1: The most important question you need to ask yourself before planning any part of your exhibition is which show you would like to display at? which target audience are you aimed at? which show will generate you more sales?

Step 2: Once you have decided on a show you would like to exhibit at, you now need to set yourself some key goals:

  • How many sales are you looking to generate?
  • What value of up sell would you like from your existing customers?
  • How many new customers/dealers are you looking to reach?

Step 3: You can now start to tailor make your stand so it is unique to your target audience. Location and design of the stand will affect the attention you recieve on the day and ultimately the sales generated. If you are looking to promote your company in an unfamiliar industry wanting attention from new customers and dealerships you should concentrate more on the strong branding you would like on the stand; bright colours (company related) and bold design of a stand is key here, an open island with informal seating will make your stand more approachable and help with conventional sales.

If you are familiar to your industry and are wanting to put on a demonstration/product launch you need to design your stand around this; it is important here to walk your customer through an experience of this product, perhaps with a lounge area at the end of this journey to help generate a sale at the end. The design makes all the difference to the success of your exhibition and should play a fundamental role within your initial planning.

Step 4: Promotion starts before the event. Why should people visit your stand? Research has found that 83% of successful exhibitors made the effort to promote their stand prior to the exhibition. This can be done through mail shot, social media such as Twitter and Facebook, posting ads in preview issues of an exhibition (this can be done through the event organiser). Be sure to make your stand 'fun', entice your audience in before pushing a product/brand their way. Take time to look at possible sponsorship opportunities, make effort to speak to the organiser and let them know of your goals and expectations of the day; they are a support system for you throughout this lengthy process.

Step 5: All venues are different in their guidelines and restrictions for each show, here are some points which need to be taken into consideration before your planning comes to a head:

  • Have you submitted your electrics for the stand? Does this fit to your stand design?
  • Has the parking and loading/unloading bay been booked for your stand build up/break down?
  • Have contractor passes been ordered for your contractors on site? Is this required to be pre-booked?
  • Has hotel accommodation been booked in close proximity to the venue if staying overnight?
  • Have you received stand approvals for on site? Are there restrictions to stand size/orientation?

At Inspire Displays we can take full control of this leaving you at ease that your event will run smoothly with no discrepancies on site.

If you follow all these steps you will for sure be on your way to a successful exhibition. Success of an exhibition starts with a brainstorm.


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