An Industry Leader..

Sci-MX lead the way in advanced sports nutrition, helping customers achieve their goals including muscle development, physique transformation and increased performance. They offer high quality nutrition supplements in the form of powder and snacks paving the way as an industry leader. These are just a couple of reasons as to why we jumped on the chance of working with them...

Where It Began..

Sci-MX initially approached us early into 2016; a show like this requires plenty attention to detail which means early planning. Sci-MX being a leader in their field required a stand that was not only unique but that stood out from the rest of the mad stands exhibiting there. At Body Power it is definitely the bigger, the louder, the better! !

It was really important to focus on the client's brief that involved several strong elements, each were equally important but also equally space hungry! So how we made these spaces work together was crucial. These elements included impact through graphics, giveaway display, PA and photo platform and the very large attraction; all elements which were implemented into the stand design. By sketching this out we were able to define these areas to ensure there was adequate space on the stand for all the separate activities going on. The reason for really focusing on this brief was the implications that we needed to think about aside from just providing what the client wanted. For example:

  • the volume of traffic on the stand
  • the implications of the stand attraction, a 14m custom made bungee run
  • How the bungee run impacted on the view of the rest of the stand
  • the sound from the PA in relation to neighbouring stands - this is a feat in itself at Body Power as anyone who has been will know!
  • the health and safety requirements relating to additional platform levels on the stand


The Planning Stages..

After meeting with Sci-MX in their office environment (and after several tasty samples, well someone had to..) we had an even better understanding of who Sci-MX were as a company, what they were looking to do and achieve, and what was most important to them in having a successful show. It was a time to bring up previous qualms, iron out any possible risks which could prevent their show being a success, and highlight the key areas to focus on within the planning process.

Following the meeting we found that Sci-MX are a team who love to add a bit of fun and games to their stand and to their customers show experiences; we also knew they were looking to draw attention to their stand to promote their new products.

Attention to detail is a must within the initial stages of any project brief to ensure the planning process that follows runs smoothly, and we'd like to think we succeeded, we'll leave this for you to decide!

The Design..

And how it went from this... this...

The Team..

Sci-MX were a pleasure to work with and it was great to see the stand on social media during and after the show. We are looking forward to starting the planning for Body Power 2018 very soon...

If you are looking to attend and would like us to work with you, please do get in touch, we would love to hear from you.

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