It's the little things that count.

When you’re in the middle of designing and building an exhibition stand, it’s easy to forget about the essentials that often add that finishing touch and make a real difference.

You may need to run presentations, take information from clients, hand out brochures, or offer a drink. So how are you going to do it? All of these factors are important, regardless of your stand, and there are lots of products we can offer to assist you. From furniture and showcases, to audio-visuals and pull-up banners. And if you require something a little different, with a bigger ‘UMPH’, let us know and we’ll be happy to help - we love a challenge!

Exhibition stand essentials

Exhibition Essentials on offer.

It’s often the little things that count.

Pop Up Stands Pop Up Stands

Pop Up Stands

A pop up stand is an ideal solution for full graphic displays. They are perfect for all your events, exhibitions and road shows as well as backdrops for presentations.

A pop up is very portable, easily transportable by car and very easy to store due to its compact size when packed down.

They can provide a continuous image from edge to edge with the facility to add monitors and literature racks. But despite their simplicity, they can create much larger displays by linking to another pop up. Take a look at our case study.

Graphics can also be changed for different shows. For example, you can have a set of English graphics and also a set of European graphics for when it needs to be taken abroad. As long as the events are not on the same day, you can just use the one system.

Banner Stands

Banner Stands

Banner stands are a truly transportable, cost effect graphic stand for getting a message across or announcing your presence.

These handy little banners roll out of a slim rectangular case which forms it's base. When its time to go, the graphic rolls back in, slides in to it's own bag with a handy shoulder strap and will easily fit on the back seat of your car.

You'll see these in all types of business's from schools, hospitals to corporate headquarters.

Less is more with these banners - not too much information; keep your message limited to a few points; but go full on with your branding. Let the viewer know instantly who this banner belongs so they can concentrate on your short punchy message points without thinking about it.

We can put your artwork together for you or we can print from artwork provided.

Graphics Graphics


Graphics are an integral part of any exhibition stand. We can design the most wonderful stand architecturally but its the graphics that bring it all together.

There are so many ways to represent you and your company in terms of graphics. And your budget will also be taken into consideration to ensure that your stand looks stunning however large or small.

We have graphic designers to work on your artwork for you or we will print from your print ready artwork if you have this cover.

Either way we will make suggestions to ensure they have maximum impact.

Exhibition Furniture Exhibition Furniture

Exhibition Furniture

We have your exhibition furniture requirements covered too.

Whether it's comfy lounge style for a hospitality feel or perching stools to hold your stand visitors 'only as long as needed', we have options to suit.

Something as simple as some chairs and table in your corporate colours can make all the difference to your stand visually and cost effectively. Alternately, you could have something bespoke made to lift your stand to a whole new level. Doesn't have to blow the budget either - and rarely does!

Audio-Visual Audio-Visual


Audio Visual provides you with another interactive attraction to encourage visitors to your stand. In addition they can be an invaluable tool for demonstrating your products and services. There are many options and we can assist with the content too if needed:

Screens with loops or power points.

Tablets such as ipads and Surface Pros.

Monitors to demonstrate your services on.

Touch screens to enable your customers to interactive with your software. Takes your AV to another level/

Video walls to make sure your message isn't missed - from a distance.

Interactive Games Interactive Games

Interactive Games

How about something to create some attention and draw people in.

We have created many different games and activities to engage your visitors from buzz bars and Bataks to touch screens for digital engagement.

We have also created models bespoke to our clients which they have used not just on the exhibition stand but back at their offices too.

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