What type of exhibition stand do i need?

Planning to exhibit with an exhibition stand in Cardiff? There are various factors to consider when designing your exhibition stand - Where your stand is placed in the venue, what impact do you want to make? What's the size of the stand area you have acquired? What venue is the exhibition in? What is your budget? etc. All of these things have an impact on final design. Fortunately we have been designing exhibition stands in Cardiff for over 25 years and have helped customers shine in every major exhibition venue in Cardiff, so we can guide you to achieve things you may have never thought possible!

Whatever the size and budget of your project, we will have something to suit your needs perfectly. We have provided the pros and cons of the 3 most common types of exhibition stand below to help you see the possibilities available for your company exhibition stand. Please have a look through these and when you are ready give us a call or fill in the form at the base of the page and we will be happy to discuss and bring your exhibition stand ideas to life.

Bespoke exhibition stand Bespoke exhibition stand

Bespoke exhibition stand

When you want to make a big impression, a bespoke exhibition stand is the ultimate solution, limited only by imagination.

You’ve booked floor space only for us to build on.

You now want a stand design unique to your company.

Prices start from £2000

I'd like a bespoke stand
Modular exhibition stand Modular exhibition stand

Modular exhibition stand

Great for companies requiring a flexible exhibition stand for their annual exhibition program.

Consists of an anodised frame with infill panels.

Lightweight and easily transportable make these particularly suitable for roadshows.

Prices start from as little as £1000.

I'd like a modular stand
Shell scheme exhibition stand Shell scheme exhibition stand

Shell scheme exhibition stand

Perfect if you’re planning your first exhibition, are budget conscious 'or' attending a satellite exhibition to your main event.

You’ve hired a plain unbranded booth to exhibit within.

A little creativity will give you a unique exhibition space.

Prices start from a few £100's.

I'd like a shell scheme stand

Inspire displays achieved what?!

Galaxy C had such a successful exhibition (thanks to one of our bespoke stands), that they generated an extra 50% of leads and were too busy to exhibit for the next 3 years. Not bad at all... Read more

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